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Swapping obstacles for opportunities. Jump-starting action plans. Propelling you toward what you want. (It's results. You definitely want results.)

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I work with people who know (or have an inkling for) what they want but aren’t sure what to do next. Being here can be confusing. And exhausting. And even paralyzing. Our coaching partnership is designed to support you in getting exactly what you want out of whatever’s most important to you.

Sometimes it’s about being a better manager or building a better company. Sometimes it’s about baby-making or a break-up. Sometimes it’s about landing that career-boosting promotion or leaving a job that isn’t serving you. It’s first-time presentations and executive presence and being a better friend. And sometimes it’s just something that needs some air and maybe a spotlight; that’s on the table too.

Connecting to what you want and intentionally designing and developing what you do next means there’s very little room for slipping into comfort and mediocrity - a totally natural human habit. Here, you take on reflection, exploration, gather up data, try things on, test and iterate, measure, and poke. We apply it to every day life, whether it’s work, or home, the gym, your friend group, whatever. Your level of awareness and desire for action starts to increase. You’re feeling clearer. You’re noticing your micro changes. There’s stuff to celebrate. People take notice (and even start cheering you on).

There’s movement where there hadn’t been movement before and that’s when you realize what’s happening - you’ve been putting in work and you’re getting what you want.

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SUCCESS COACHING FOR COMPANIES + INDIVIDUALS. Highly Personalized partnerships that support forward-moving folks to get more of what they want.


➕ Onsite Workplace Coaching

Want a secret weapon that will improve performance and boost retention? Give your entire team access to real-time career support with onsite 1:1 growth coaching.

➕ Get-what-you-want Coaching

Ready to go hard after what you want in your life right now? Design, plan, and take charge of what happens next. Get clarity and confidence, and start racking up results.


➕ Startup HR Consulting

Need to scale fast but stay friendly? Bright + Early helps some of the best-known Canadian startups navigate high growth without losing what makes them special.

➕ Group Facilitation and Medition

Have an upcoming offsite or find yourself working through a tough situation at home or work? Plan and deliver a stellar solution that rallies your team around a common goal.



THE GET-WHAT-YOU-WANT HIGHLIGHT REEL that celebrates the achievements that come along with a coaching practice.