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Strategic coaching for ambitious professionals that connects the dots between where you are right now and your vision for the future.




As a startup veteran, I’ve built some truly great teams and helped develop exceptional leaders. I’ve managed exponential startup growth and shaped healthy office cultures where people were accountable and contributed their absolute best.

I’ve guided CEOs and executive teams toward creating cultures of feedback and experimentation. Together, we’ve eliminated blind spots about personal development and discovered how investing in people is crucial to building successful teams.

It wasn’t always easy and the biggest learning moments came from the biggest mistakes which leaves me with rich experiences to draw from. Fulfillment for me comes from working one-on-one with inspired people through their challenges toward excellence.

That’s why I changed my work to coaching and consulting. Supportive partnerships excite me. Folks who are working hard to build their futures and care about doing right by their colleagues, teams, and companies - you are my people.



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Executive Coaching

CEOs like you are so busy doing that there’s any barely room left for learning. You know that an investment in yourself is good for business, but if your efforts haven’t generated real growth, it’s probably time to get an expert on your side. Learn the best approach to building yourself and your team so you can better manage what’s most pressing in your business right now.

Boost performance and do your best work.

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Leadership Coaching

Becoming a successful manager is not always intuitive. Your leadership directly affects the success of your team (and the success of your team is how you’ll be measured), so your skills need to be on point. Discover your own approach to leadership while sharpening the hard and soft skills you and your team needs.

Develop your skills and lead with integrity.


Career Coaching

Take charge of your future by designing and crafting your own path to success. Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced professional, the journey of your career starts with setting a target and going hard after it. Create a detailed yet flexible plan that leverages your skills and lands you the best job you ever had.

Build confidence and go after your greatness.


Coaching On-demand

Sometimes you’re too close to something to see your next move. It’s there, though. And while an ongoing coaching partnership is tremendously valuable, there’s definitely value in a quickie chat that gets you closer to what you want. Be it trouble-shooting or confidence-boosting, a solution is just a phone call away.

Gain clarity and take charge of any situation.




I work with great clients.

You’re curious about what coaching can do for you, but you may not be sure if we’re a match. That’s okay. Let’s start with a candid conversation and see what clicks. Book a free discovery call or begin here

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About Elisha Gray

Elisha works in the space between personal growth and organizational performance, supporting deep learning toward lasting change and true transformation. Her background in human resources leadership and operations management anchors her understanding of the unique challenges growing leaders face in evolving organizations. 

Elisha Gray Coaching Co. partners with high-growth organizations and individuals to leverage their strengths and develop intentional, empathetic leadership styles. She also coaches in-house at Ripple Ventures and Startwell, and works with the HR consultancy Bright + Early to craft the world’s best workplaces.