Elisha Gray



Performance strategies for high-growth companies, ambitious teams and leaders.



I create space inside of the workday for individuals and organizations to collectively build leadership skills, practice compassion, and develop emotional + cultural intelligence.


My work includes advisory, design and implementation of strategic and holistic programs that grow purpose-driven companies - and the people who power them - in a healthy and sustainable way.


➕ Executive Coaching

Win the day, every day. Learn to leverage your strengths and develop leadership skills in real-time so you can handle whatever comes up - as your best self - whether it’s your team, your customers, or your board.

➕ Organizational Design

Build your team and peace of mind. Lay the foundation for growth with a strategic partner at your side. Develop practical programs that support the business and a healthy workplace culture.


➕ Performance Coaching

Go hard after what you want in your life right now. Design, plan, and take charge of what happens next. Get clarity and confidence, and start racking up results.

➕ Workplace Success Coaching

Increase engagement, inspire toward action, and shift toward high-quality output. Give your entire team access to job performance support, real-time skill development, and obstacle clearing.

➕ Leadership Team Effectiveness

Make the best use of everyone’s time. Design and develop communication strategies and collaboration frameworks that promote cross-team info sharing and awareness. Hold meetings that energize and motivate your team.

➕ Group Facilitation and Offsites

Navigate a complex situation. Plan and deliver a stellar, interactive solution that rallies your team around a common goal or at an offsite. Deepen relationships and build strong bonds.



I’m a certified professional coach who works in the space between personal growth and organizational success, supporting deep learning toward lasting change and true transformation.

My background in scaling startups, where I held executive human resources and operations roles, is what anchors my deep understanding of the unique challenges leaders face in developing organizations. 

I aim to amplify the mindful intention and the intrinsic connection integral to growing employees into high-performers, managers into leaders, and companies into the best places to work.

Elisha Gray Coaching Co. partners with high-growth companies and ambitious leaders to leverage strengths and develop the key skills crucial to sustained success.

In addition to high-performance coaching, I offer mediation, group facilitation, and advisory services, as well as early-stage human resources consulting on a fractional basis.

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Truly great folks and companies.


Elisha is a true partner and secret weapon. CEOs need someone who understands them and the game they're playing, and to provide a fresh perspectives on problems they're immersed in every day. She’s that coach for our executives and for myself.

Guillaume Laliberté, CEO

Elisha is an incredible coach. She is warm, impeccable with her word and cares about her clients’ results. Combined with her deep experience and commitment to helping you find your own answers, she’s rocket fuel for both executives and organizations. Having partnered with Elisha as a consultant, take my word for it: none of her clients ever want to let her go.

Nora Jenkins Townson, Founder
Bright + Early

I’ve seen first hand the tremendous impact Elisha has on growing teams. She draws from experience when guiding clients through constant change, steep learning curves, and new processes. Her experience and expertise is invaluable.

Avery Francis, Founder



The most powerful employee perk

Every founder we know wants the same things: to make more great hires, for those hires to be amazingly successful, and for those hires to be so happy and fulfilled that they stay (and grow) with them forever. Sounds like a dream, right?



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