From Ops to Hr to chief of staff, I serve people and support growth.

I joined my first tech startup in 2011 and have since built some truly great teams + helped develop exceptional leaders. I’ve managed exponential startup growth and shaped healthy office cultures where people were accountable and contributed their absolute best. I’ve guided CEOs and executive teams toward creating cultures of feedback and experimentation. Together, we’ve eliminated blind spots about personal development and discovered how investing in people is crucial to building successful teams.

It wasn’t always easy and the biggest learning moments came from the biggest mistakes which leaves me with rich experiences to draw from. Fulfillment for me comes from working one-on-one with inspired people through their challenges toward their versions of excellence.

That’s why I left full-time employment in 2018 and shifted my work to coaching, consulting, and facilitation. Supportive partnerships excite me. Folks and businesses who are driven by something - even if they don’t know what it is - to intentionally design and build their futures; you belong here.



I’M AN UNBIASED THINKING PARTNER. You + me = high impact conversations.

I’m a certified, solution-focused professional coach and I operate according to the ICF Code of Ethics. I use action-oriented methods to create transformational (aka long-lasting) change. Coaching partnerships are effective and valuable because they help you connect to what’s important.

➕ Host high-impact conversations that spark change

➕ Guide the way without needing technical or industry experience

➕ Focus our time on the present and the future

➕ Ask powerful and evocative questions that invites new perspectives

➕ Help you set bulletproof goals and create opportunities for action

➕ Build sticky accountability and follow-through practices



PEOPLE IN PURSUIT OF GETTING WHAT THEY WANT. Calling all the not-gonna-stop-’cause-my-gut-is-telling-me-I-need-to-do-this types.

Whether you’re well into your career or just starting out, you belong here. Maybe you’re navigating a thrilling new life circumstance. Or maybe you’re ready to blow this popsicle stand… you belong [here.

I work with people of all ages, in all kinds of roles, with all sorts of backgrounds. We don’t need to connect on an expertise level (if you’re looking for someone to learn from within a specific realm of skill or ability, consider finding yourself a mentor).

What we do need is to align on what you want and how our coaching partnership will help you get it. Coaching work brings you closer to yourself; it’s totally ok if you’re not clear about where to start or what might come.

➕ Replace uncertainty with clarity

➕ Stop spinning your wheels and gain traction

➕ Move from stress or overwhelm toward ease

➕ Expand your view to see past your own self

➕ Discover where and how to have the greatest impact

➕ Boost your courage and confidence, and build presence